Ocotillo Lodge

Ocotillo Lodge

The famous Ocotillo Lodge was designed by Dan Palmer and William Krisel in 1954-1955 and built by the Alexander Construction Company in 1956-1957 as a resort hotel. The Alexanders wanted to attract people to this once remote area of Palm Springs, where their Twin Palms homes were being built.

Ocotillo Lodge has had many famous visitors, residents, and owners during its history. George Alexander and his wife had their own unit with a private pool, and many of Hollywood’s elite including Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Keely Smith, Katharine Hepburn, and the Rat Pack spent time at the Ocotillo Lodge. Gene Autry purchased the hotel in 1963.

The complex was converted to condos, which are very popular with buyers. The location and architecture make this a great place for a full or part-time home.

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Thank you to Denise Ortuno-Neil for her article in the Desert Sun about the history of the Ocotillo Lodge and the Alexander Family.